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Throughout all of the sectors we serve, our approach to quality and compliance is constant. Our experienced management team are frequent visitors to site carrying out auditing, appraisal and performance measurement of our site workforce to ensure we are supplying the right people with the right skills and the right attitude. 


Our Approach

To reinforce our position as a quality and trusted recruitment partner to some of the most respected clients in our sectors, we believe it’s vitally important to understand their industry, the projects they undertake and the make-up of the people who make it all happen - from welfare labourers at site level, all the way through to the decision-making directors in the boardroom. To evidence our stance in this regard, DKF’s management and operational staff are all industry trained and have specific sector relevant experience meaning we can confidently discuss projects and job roles through knowledge of tasks, required skills and appreciation of how it all ‘comes together’. You wouldn’t normally associate recruitment people with specific and in-depth training of what physically  happens on site and the work methods and tasks to be carried out by the ladies and gents we supply to our clients, but without an understanding of what you do and how you do it, how could we ever provide you with a service you value, trust and appreciate?!


DKF employ auditors with specific industry training to ensure we have detailed feedback on the people we supply to site and we can identify where improvements or re-training would be beneficial.


We understand the industry from within and have solid credentials to support this.

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