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Land Remediation

Bringing brown-field sites back to use for future development and sustainable land reuse.


The UK is a world leader in the regeneration and management of industrial land. The UK’s expertise in land remediation has been borne out of necessity. As the first industrialised country in the world, the UK has over 400,000 hectares of contaminated land, much of it a legacy of the Industrial Revolution.


The bulk of our experience in this field is unsurprisingly linked to asbestos in soils, which is one of the more common contaminants found on some brownfield sites.


We have a wealth of experience in supplying suitable operatives to asbestos land remediation projects and know the criteria to explain to the workforce. Outdoor work and exposure to the elements of the unpredictable British climate isn’t for everyone, which is why our many years of experience supplying people to these projects works in our favour as we’ve seen and heard it all! Will it be too sunny, will it be too rainy, will I get cold, will I get blown away by the wind….?! To eliminate issues of this kind, we inform our operatives of the potential scenarios they’ll face and ensure consideration is given with regards to any specific training that may be required, appropriate PPE for the elements, drying rooms facilities and even sun cream for the 3 days of sunshine the UK is blessed with each year!

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