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Asbestos is a killer. It requires careful and lawful treatment. Correct and legislated removal, containment and assessment procedures must be adhered to - which is why only the most competent of companies receive Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) accreditation. DKF is such a company – someone you can trust - which is good to know if you’re a licensed contractor requiring recruitment and labour assistance or an asbestos removal operative looking for quality work assignments with contractors who treat people well and correctly observe the regulations.


Our thriving asbestos removal division is at the core of DKF and is probably what we’re best known for. We uniquely benefit from our M.D’s experience as an elected Governing Council member of ARCA. ARCA is the U.K’s leading asbestos removal trade association where Dominic serves as a director and has forged many strong relationships with industry leaders, stakeholders and decision makers. This long-standing involvement with ARCA reinforces our already first-class knowledge of asbestos legislation and the rules governing operatives working in the industry.


Further to this, DKF is the founding member of the ARCA Labour Supply Member category. This follows extensive development of a robust initiative created by DKF in conjunction with ARCA, leading to an in-depth application and audit process to prove DKF's industry compliance, knowledge and competence. We’re delighted with this achievement and it is testament to how we invest time and money into operating and promoting best practice to genuinely stand out from the crowd. 


We’re committed to this industry and asbestos removal runs through the core of DKF which is why we believe in investment in our workforce and operative training beyond the ‘basic’ asbestos certificates. We’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is with operative training and as evidence of this we are ARCA award winners for our commitment to agency upskilling training – another unique DKF achievement in an industry otherwise full of copy-cat agencies and recruiters…

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