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Knocking down, pulling down, tearing down, flattening, razing, levelling, bulldozing, clearance - despite the many nicknames or colloquialisms for this kind of work, make no mistake that this is serious stuff only to be attempted by trained, competent and professional people. The consequences that can be suffered by substandard or badly planned work or work carried out by an incompetent workforce can be catastrophic. DKF is fully aware of this and we approach this sector full of care and respect – but equally with great knowledge, confidence and ability. 


Not only do we fully understand the safety-first nature of your complex projects, we also appreciate your expensive plant, machinery and equipment needs a bit of TLC, so we are considerate to supply plant and machine operators who are experienced and backed up with quality work specific references - and we make a point of auditing ourselves.


We supply demolition experts at every level from a demolition manager, a dozer driver or a soft-strip operative. The level of dedication and expertise we offer you is consistent in every one of our specialist sectors and in every type or profession of individual supplied. 


We supply skilled and experienced demolition people in all of the following areas;


Soft-strip Labourer (Asbestos Awareness)

Basic Demolition Labourer (Asbestos Awareness)

Experienced Demolition Labourer (Asbestos Awareness)

CCDO Demolition & Refurbishment Operative

CCDO Demolition Topman

CCDO Demolition Chargehand

CCDO Demolition Supervisor

Crusher / Screener


CPCS demolition plant – various

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